Sometimes it helps us to reflect and remember what our roles are as we are serving. Over the past several years I have put together the following list of expectations for our servant teams. If you are unclear about your current role or expectations, are new to a servant team, thinking about being on a servant team, or just need a reminder about how to focus… please read on…

Growing individually and collectively as learners, lovers, and givers we expect to …

o       Grow and depend on Jesus

o       Accept and extend His healing when we are weak, afraid, and broken

o       Pray, dream, and work for the healing and transformation of our city and world

o       Embrace and develop our role in the body of Christ

o       Identify, encourage and release the gifts of others

o       Bring unity to the body by appreciating and valuing one another’s differences

Servant Team expectations…

o       Foster above expectations in your life and home group

o       Have genuine friendships with people outside of the church

o       Develop common vision for community life (set clear goals considering purposes for the home group)

o       Communicate openly with other servant team members (develop and stick to a plan that works for your group.)

o       Pray and dream together about seeking and showing God’s face to the world

o       Meet for quarterly coaching meetings

o       This is a minimum 1yr commitment and a maximum 2yr service role, the idea is to replace yourself and take a 6 month break from servant team at the end of 2 yrs


“Lead Learners”

o       Pray for your group

o       Encourage a learning environment that provokes thought and application to real life

o       Help the group become learners of God’s story and their place in it

o       Identify and develop the gift of teaching in others

o       Continue to develop your own teaching gift

o       Make Jeff’s teaching meetings a priority

Mercy Extenders

“External Eyes”

o       Pray for your group

o       Encourage a generous environment where people recognize and work towards meeting the needs of others

o       Help connect the group with opportunities to serve the community—work with other group members (ST and not) to follow through

o       Identify and develop the gift of service, giving, and mercy in others

o       Open your eyes to where God is moving


“Internal Eyes”

o       Pray for your group

o       Encourage an authentic environment that promotes healing, celebration, and trust

o       Welcome and follow up with group members

o       Help group members to discover and find ways to use their gifts

o       Identify and develop the gift of pastor, shepherd, and encouragement in others

o       Be proactive about identifying and helping the group to meet the internal needs of the group

o       Make Traci’s shepherding meetings a priority


“Follow Through”

o       Pray for your group

o       Create structures that help the group to focus on and accomplish group vision

o       Communicate expectations and details to group members and among the servant team

o       Communicate church wide announcements with the group

o       Identify and develop the gift of administration in others

*One person in each team will be the main point of contact for new people who are interested in coming to the group. In most groups this is the shepherd, in others it is the organizer or other group member.

*One person in the team will become the servant team leader in the sense that they hold the group to vision and move the servant team towards thinking strategically and consistently about meeting the purposes of the home group. This person can be in any of the servant team roles. – In some groups it will be obvious from the beginning who this person is and in others this person may emerge over time. Each servant team should encourage and look for this person to emerge in the group.


This Sunday a variety of Christian communities around the world will be reading the following passage… Mark 4:35-41

5On that day, when evening had come, Jesus said to them, “Let us go across to the other side.” 36And leaving the crowd behind, they took him with them in the boat, just as he was. Other boats were with him.37A great windstorm arose, and the waves beat into the boat, so that the boat was already being swamped. 38But Jesus was in the stern, asleep on the cushion; and they woke him up and said to him, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” 39He woke up and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace! Be still!” Then the wind ceased, and there was a dead calm. 40He said to them, “Why are you afraid? Have you still no faith?” 41And they were filled with great awe and said to one another, “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?”

Many of our lives have a bit of uncertainty right now. Jobs? Families? Money? Relationships? Balance? Purpose? Missional Calling? Time? Etc…

How often do you look at all of the things going on around you and feel a bit trapped on a boat that is being toppled by waves? It happens to me sometimes. Often when this happens I do a couple things… I pick up a bucket and start throwing water overboard (this doesn’t usually work as the rain continues to pour in), then I move to freak out…

This may be a bit of what the disciples went through, on their own strength wanting Jesus to get up and start throwing buckets of water out of the with them, but he was what?? sleeping??

I get the opportunity to spend time with a lot of leaders at Visio Dei talking about our faith journeys. Sometimes we feel like Jesus is sleeping and don’t really know how to wake him up. Sometimes we are shouting at God for an answer or direction and don’t really see it. Sometimes we are just too overwhelmed to realize that Jesus is still peacefully with us. Sometimes we try out all sorts of ‘buckets’ before we realize our capacity isn’t enough.

When I read this, I am reminded that when I am afraid, uncertain or trying to hard to do things on my own. I need to run to Jesus, to trust Jesus, to seek his word, to pray, to put down my bucket long enough to listen to him calm the storm and sit in awe of his command.

I’m not suggesting that when we do this we will automatically have all of our questions answered, I don’t believe God works that way. But, when we do this, we become more connected to our God, Jesus, Love, Hope, Peace, Passion, Mission…

We need Jesus. Run to him, cling to him, learn from, find others to help you do this too, allow him to fill you with the power to do what you are called to do.

What do you think about when you read this passage?

Today I got to sit down with one of our new shepherds. Every time I talk with one of you I get reenergized and reminded of why we are doing things the way we do them. Reminded that God is the one who gets the glory and reminded that he makes each one of us uniquely to participate in what He is already doing around us.

I am working on concisely communicating the “job” of shepherds… here is a stab at it…


Three main things shepherds are responsible for:

1) Welcoming Environment

Consider the culture of the group and work to make it place where new folks are welcomed and included. Things to consider… Are new people getting connected? Notice who is there… Who is not there? When the group has large social gatherings, reach out to those not as easily included… Look at the group through the filter of the newcomer or the uncomfortable…  Set an example… Incorporate and encourage activity that helps to create an inviting environment (i.e. prayer requests, stories, social time, etc.) 

2) Gifts

Work with others on your servant team to help group members discover and act on their gifts and talents.

Notice who needs be followed up with, and follow up with them. Give encouragement to people when you see opportunities to use gifts and talents. Work with me to effectively use the assessme website. *I’m still working on developing ongoing processes to help you guys with this*

3) Internal Needs of the group

When things happen in group members lives, help with celebration, mourning, organizing care for, etc. (meals, visitation, cards, parties, money, prayer). 


Does this make sense to you? Any questions, comments?

As learners, lovers, and givers we expect to …

o Grow and depend on Jesus
o Accept and extend His healing when we are weak, afraid, and broken
o Pray, dream, and work for the healing and transformation of our city and world
o Be a voice of hope that another way of life is possible
o Embrace and develop our role in the body of Christ
o Identify, encourage and release the gifts of others
o Bring unity to the body by appreciating and valuing one another’s differences

These are expectations that we laid out in January. I’m just checking in to remind us that our primary focus is growing and depending on Jesus as we follow him.

How is it going?

Its not easy. I know!

On Sunday, March 9 from 4-6PM with a potluck meal to follow we will be having our second bi-monthly Leadership Development gathering.

I am looking forward to another opportunity to come together and as we continue to become learners, lovers, and givers.   This meeting will be specifically focused on joining with God’s redemptive character.

Specifically here is what you can expect:

4:00-4:30 Reflection and Planing for your home group.

The goal of this time is to save you from having separate meeting to plan outside of these leadership development gatherings. We have provided some guiding questions to help you move through your plans together. By including this time in each of the meetings you should have an expected opportunity to refocus, share ideas, and plan in two month increments.

4:30-5:00 Missional Expressions– we hear from you

During this time each group will have 5 minutes to discuss, display or perform an expression of what being a “missional community” means. We have provided a video and article to help spur on and focus this discussion for your group. We hope that this activity provides an opportunity for you and your group to wrestle with and communicate about these concepts and actions together.

We are in no way looking for perfect expressions, but for sincere questions and realizations that have come about through considering what it means to follow Jesus.

5:00-5:10 BREAK

5:10-5:40 Teaching

Corey will be sharing with us some directed thoughts on God’s redeeming character, our lives as an expression of His character, and provide some practical implications for following Jesus as we become learners, lovers, and givers in the rhythm of our home groups.

5:40-6:00 Prayer

In response to God redeeming our lives, we get to offer his redemption to others. This time will be spent walking around outside and praying individually or with partners for the God’s redeeming work in our city.

Bring your warm clothes if its cold out.

    Details for the Potluck

We are asking you each to bring something. We have all of the paper products needed. Last time there were about 50 people eating. You don’t need to bring enough food for 50 people, but that should give you an idea of what to expect.

Please bring the following according to your last name:

Main Dish A-F
Side Dish G-M
Dessert N-S
Drink T-Z

    Child Care

We are also providing child care for the 4-6PM time slot. I have arranged for 4 parents to be rotating through as volunteers for child care; however I am still looking for 2-3 more volunteers. If anyone in your home group would be interested in helping out in that area please have them contact Traci.

The point of these meetings is to accomplish the following 6 things:

1. community building– bringing unity
2. sharing stories of what God is doing–becoming an incubator for new ideas
3. teaching on specific needs that arise
4. providing resources for spiritual/community formation– a starting place to encourage and develop current and future leaders
5. celebration/worship
6. planning/reflection by home grous for next two months

Thanks for all that you are and are becoming.

The theme of the first night was expectations.

After meeting with the servant teams over the last couple months and reflecting on the first year as a church plant, we wanted to focus the first leadership development on clarifying expectations.

In whatever situation we are in, we carry expectations with us, and one of the central tasks of leadership is being aware of your own expectations and those you are influencing.

Each of us carries with us a set of expectations about church, leadership, discipleship, and church planting. As the home groups have been sent out to become “learners, lovers, and givers” together, it has been challenging, exciting, and at times confusing and frustrating.

We wanted to clarify what are expectations are:

1. Grow and depend on Christ
2. Be the body of Christ for each other and our world

Our central aim is not “get church righter, or better, than other churches,” but to know Christ and let Him lead our lives together to make Him known to the world around us. What we are doing is vitally important because the gospel must be embodied, we must earn the right to be heard, especially in our culture that has heard it all before.

We seek God’s face together, so we can show Him to the world through our unique gifts, interests, personalities, and lives. The world needs the church because people need the hope that God can be known and another way of life is possible. Each of us has a unique and vital role to play in God’s mission to bring healing, redemption, and transformation to our world.

We talked about the Reveal study by Willow Creek that has changed the direction of their church. The cetnral finding of the study is that the amount of activity and participation in church programs and meetings does not correlate to spiritual growth and maturity in our actions and attitudes becoming more like Christ. Spiritual maturity happens as we take the take the initiative to listen and respond to Christ in a community that we find and use our gifts to serve others and help others to do the same. Spiritual maturity has everything to do with the kind of people we are becoming in relatioship to Christ.

We read John 15, and discussed remaining in Christ becuase He has chosen us to be His friends rather than serving him out of obligation. God desires to know us as a friend for who He created us to be rather than to serve Him out of obligation or just telling us what to do. He is inviting us on a journey with Him to participate in what He is doing to redeem the world. He wants us to produce the fruit of His life if we know Him, trust Him, and remain in Him.

Any talk of leadership development, starts with knowing Christ, remaining in Christ, abiding in Christ, and knowing ourselves. All of our influence overflows out of our relationship with Him.

If you missed it, we typed up an index card with these expectations fleshed out to put in a Bible or journal.

We also typed up and clarified role expectations for the servant team leaders if you are one of those or interested in what they are responsible for.

We also watched a NOOMA by Rob Bell, entitled YOU.

The resources we discussed can help foster intimacy with Christ by learning to know ourselves and connecting with Christ according to how we are made. Not everyone experiences intimacy with Jesus in the same way.

We also threw cheeze balls on Jeff and Jason’s face that was covered in shaving cream.

Thanks again for all who participated!