Sometimes it helps us to reflect and remember what our roles are as we are serving. Over the past several years I have put together the following list of expectations for our servant teams. If you are unclear about your current role or expectations, are new to a servant team, thinking about being on a servant team, or just need a reminder about how to focus… please read on…

Growing individually and collectively as learners, lovers, and givers we expect to …

o       Grow and depend on Jesus

o       Accept and extend His healing when we are weak, afraid, and broken

o       Pray, dream, and work for the healing and transformation of our city and world

o       Embrace and develop our role in the body of Christ

o       Identify, encourage and release the gifts of others

o       Bring unity to the body by appreciating and valuing one another’s differences

Servant Team expectations…

o       Foster above expectations in your life and home group

o       Have genuine friendships with people outside of the church

o       Develop common vision for community life (set clear goals considering purposes for the home group)

o       Communicate openly with other servant team members (develop and stick to a plan that works for your group.)

o       Pray and dream together about seeking and showing God’s face to the world

o       Meet for quarterly coaching meetings

o       This is a minimum 1yr commitment and a maximum 2yr service role, the idea is to replace yourself and take a 6 month break from servant team at the end of 2 yrs


“Lead Learners”

o       Pray for your group

o       Encourage a learning environment that provokes thought and application to real life

o       Help the group become learners of God’s story and their place in it

o       Identify and develop the gift of teaching in others

o       Continue to develop your own teaching gift

o       Make Jeff’s teaching meetings a priority

Mercy Extenders

“External Eyes”

o       Pray for your group

o       Encourage a generous environment where people recognize and work towards meeting the needs of others

o       Help connect the group with opportunities to serve the community—work with other group members (ST and not) to follow through

o       Identify and develop the gift of service, giving, and mercy in others

o       Open your eyes to where God is moving


“Internal Eyes”

o       Pray for your group

o       Encourage an authentic environment that promotes healing, celebration, and trust

o       Welcome and follow up with group members

o       Help group members to discover and find ways to use their gifts

o       Identify and develop the gift of pastor, shepherd, and encouragement in others

o       Be proactive about identifying and helping the group to meet the internal needs of the group

o       Make Traci’s shepherding meetings a priority


“Follow Through”

o       Pray for your group

o       Create structures that help the group to focus on and accomplish group vision

o       Communicate expectations and details to group members and among the servant team

o       Communicate church wide announcements with the group

o       Identify and develop the gift of administration in others

*One person in each team will be the main point of contact for new people who are interested in coming to the group. In most groups this is the shepherd, in others it is the organizer or other group member.

*One person in the team will become the servant team leader in the sense that they hold the group to vision and move the servant team towards thinking strategically and consistently about meeting the purposes of the home group. This person can be in any of the servant team roles. – In some groups it will be obvious from the beginning who this person is and in others this person may emerge over time. Each servant team should encourage and look for this person to emerge in the group.