I just finished reading Leadership Essentials by Greg Ogden & Daniel Meyer. Over the past several months I have been considering how the lessons learned in the book could help me with my own leadership at Visio Dei, my personal life, and equipping others for leadership. It has been a huge help. Its one of those books where I will go back and need to review the material over and over again. 


It is broken up into 12 lessons, each starts out with a key point, then has a memory verse, then a scripture passage to go through, then some commentary, then some reflection questions and action steps. It is set up to do each lesson in a week, but I took a little longer than that. 


Anyways, if you are looking for a new guide to studying scripture and a good probe into your faith and leadership journey. This is the book I would recommend. 


Here is a quote that I will need to take with me…

In order to overcome temptation we need to internalize how much we are already loved by our Father in Heaven.