Today I got to sit down with one of our new shepherds. Every time I talk with one of you I get reenergized and reminded of why we are doing things the way we do them. Reminded that God is the one who gets the glory and reminded that he makes each one of us uniquely to participate in what He is already doing around us.

I am working on concisely communicating the “job” of shepherds… here is a stab at it…


Three main things shepherds are responsible for:

1) Welcoming Environment

Consider the culture of the group and work to make it place where new folks are welcomed and included. Things to consider… Are new people getting connected? Notice who is there… Who is not there? When the group has large social gatherings, reach out to those not as easily included… Look at the group through the filter of the newcomer or the uncomfortable…  Set an example… Incorporate and encourage activity that helps to create an inviting environment (i.e. prayer requests, stories, social time, etc.) 

2) Gifts

Work with others on your servant team to help group members discover and act on their gifts and talents.

Notice who needs be followed up with, and follow up with them. Give encouragement to people when you see opportunities to use gifts and talents. Work with me to effectively use the assessme website. *I’m still working on developing ongoing processes to help you guys with this*

3) Internal Needs of the group

When things happen in group members lives, help with celebration, mourning, organizing care for, etc. (meals, visitation, cards, parties, money, prayer). 


Does this make sense to you? Any questions, comments?