This may be a word that is scary for you or it might be something that you run towards, but I am learning that having times of solitude is essential to my relationship with Christ and being an effective leader for our church. 


When was the last time you turned off all the noises around you, separated yourself from contact with other people, and just sat and listened and let the clutter of life fade away? For many of us, this is only something we would like to do or something that seems unattainable. We say things like, “I’m too busy”; “I can’t find the time.” “There are immediate needs that I need to solve or fix or deal with.”


I have found that when I am most overwhelmed and have the most on my plate are the very moments that I need to step back, Be Still, and Know that God is God… 

I hope you will take some time to listen and still yourself this week.