Today is one of those days where it just hit me… I love my job! I spent the last hour and a half reading and studying the Bible and thinking about how what I am learning about spiritual gifts can help our community develop as the Body of Christ. So cool! 


I want to share one quote with you from the book I am reading, p. 191…

Ray Stedman has written, “Somewhere this idea found deep entrenchment in Christian circles that doing what God wants you to do is always unpleasant; that Christians must make choices between doing what they want to do and being happy, and doing what God wants them to do and being miserable.” But when we operate within our giftedness, we are being carried along in a current of love that says, “You were made for this.”


I am in need of repentance for this one. Its easy for me to think that in obedience is some how putting me on lock down, but the reality is, it is freeing. My dream for our church is that we would discover the “current of love” (okay that is a little cheesy), but that we would discover together the joy of living as the body.


How have you experienced joy from using your gifts?