On Sunday mornings we have just spent the last few weeks learning about “truth” and “spiritual formation”. The next two weeks we include “mission” and “interdependence” . Today I was reflecting on some notes that I have on helping to cultivate vision and motivation for our community and it hit me once again… these values are more connected than we realize.

Read on if you are curious…

It is easy for us to focus on building community as a goal, especially in our home groups. We want to grow together and have support and friendships and fun. We do have the need for and longing to belong, love and be loved. But, community cannot be our goal.

Our home groups and church will thrive as we pursue God and engage in mission together. The gift process that we are/have been going through is an opportunity for us to get a better understanding on how we can pursue this mission together… interdependence…

• When community becomes our focus we create dependence, dysfunction, etc.  Community alone is an insatiable thirst.

• We do a disservice to ourselves when we elevate community to the thing which brings us together. When we do this we often become drawn by a desire for an idealistic “college dorm life” experience or for a place that meets personal needs without owning a commitment to mission.

It is engagement in mission that raises the urgency of true spiritual formation.

This last statement hit me like a ton of bricks. Last night we were talking about this at our Jubilee meeting. The more that we engage with the problems and challenges we wish to face the more we will realize our need for God and run to him.  

Are we pursuing lives where we need God? Where we need each other? Are we in touch with the brokenness around us and in us enough to feel and act on urgency to seek and show the face of God?