As leaders in our community we have a chance to “coach” others in life and ministry. I look at a lot of my job as coaching the servant teams and helping the servant teams to coach others. TransforMissional Coaching, a resource that I came across today says,

A great C.O.A.C.H. . . .
Comes alongside—as one who wants the best for both the person and the project.

Observes carefully—with the objective view of a specialist.

Asks questions wisely—and resists being a “teller.”

Communicates options and resources—helping think beyond first “visible” impressions to other viable options.

Holds accountable (and cares for the Heart)—so that leaders can grow personally, improve performance, and solve problems for maximum ministry effectiveness.

Steve’s working definition of coaching is “Coaches help people develop their God-given potential so that they grow personally and make a valuable contribution to the kingdom of God.”3

I like things that are easy to remember and practically relate able. I’m not intending to say, follow this step by step formula and suddenly miracles will happen… But, I’m offering a tool to help point others toward the One who gives us the capacity to be in relationship with one another, to see His potential in one another, and to encourage each other on towards love and good deeds.

Have you had effective coaches?

What were they like?