This weekend I went to Roanoke and spent time with my family and friends. When we get together we talk about deep spiritual questions… here is a challenge to think about as leaders of our community.

In the midst of a conversation going back and forth my brother said something like this…

Great leaders are the ones who raise the bar… think about the movies that you see. All of the coaches and bosses who get others to accomplish great things push through adversity, walk along side of those who are struggling and help them to overcome their doubts, fears, and anxieties that keep them from going after the goals they set.  People around those leaders always question them by saying things like, “you are asking too much.” “do you know what you are asking?” “do you know what they have been through, there is no way they can accomplish that.” We love watching these movies. We love watching the coach persist in calling them beyond the doubters.

Maybe great leadership includes calling people beyond themselves.

I wonder if we love these movies because we want to be like those characters?

Do we, as your church leaders, challenge you enough to reach after the calls of Jesus? Do you as home groups, push yourselves beyond the current norms? Why? Why not? What will it take?

Jesus, please give us wisdom and understanding to participate in what you have created us for. Guide our community into your grace. Help us to live radical lives where only you can get the glory. Remove our sinfulness that keeps us from being able to do this. Thank you that you have already made us holy and that your holy spirit lives in us. Thank you that we don’t have to pursue these things on our own. Thank you for a community that is willing to wrestle with difficult questions. I am seeking your wisdom, your freedom, your grace, your presence today. Amen