I was encouraged by Jeff’s sermon to suggest some resources that could help people in their rhythm of prayer life. I thought his point that Jesus’ prayer was so simple, yet not completely intuitive was very insightful. We are continually learners of His way, but this prayer provides a compass for us to navigate our journey to connect to God.

Throughout history, people in the church have practiced ways of connecting with God through certain disciplines. Spiritual disciplines can help to center us, ground us, and unite us in Christ in order to experience and become more aware of Christ’s presence and purposes in our daily life and relationships.

Rather than feeling guilty that we are not doing enough, we are always invited into the gracious presence of Christ to be known by Him and know Him more.

If you’d like to learn more about specific practices that could be helpful or adapted to your personal spiritual life, with your spouse, or with your journey group, here are some great resources:

From the Mars Hill website:

  • specifically- the Examen and the Lectio Divina
  • these can be practiced as individuals or with a spouse or small group
  • you can learn more about these practices on the Metamorpha site that focuses on spiritual transformation

From the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality site:

  • specifically- tools for the Daily Office
  • I’ve started reading this book, and I would whole-heartedly recommend it

For a contemporary approach to practicing the presence of God: Other disciplines that could be helpful:

  • Meditating on one of the seven lines from the Lord’s prayer throughout each day of the week
  • prayer walking
  • silence
  • memorizing/meditating on a verse a week and putting it in your car or place you will see it
  • sitting quietly in a dark room looking at a flame
  • taking a day away from the computer a week
  • having set hours not to be on the computer or the TV

Maybe others have other resources or disciplines they have found helpful? Feel free to share so other can learn from what God has given to you.

I pray we would continually learn to connect to God in deeper ways, to be people of spiritual richness and intimate knowledge of Christ, that His Presence would change us from the inside out so that we would overflow His love to others, see His purposes all around us, that others would know that Jesus is alive in us, that His Kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven. Have a great day! Corey