Before we started the break out discussion on Sunday Corey threw out 3 questions…

1) How might our teaching times look different if we viewed them through God’s redemptive lens?

2) How might our service times look different if we viewed them through God’s redemptive lens?

3) How might our social times look different if we viewed them through God’s redemptive lens?

Again, I am realizing that its hard to chose words that provide clarity. I have a feeling that some of us might still be a bit fuzzy on what a “redemptive lens” looks like and how that would affect these different areas. 

Here are some practical suggestions:

In teaching, the heart of God is expressed in him giving himself away to us. (Phillipians 2:5-11).  

  • How does our teaching move us towards giving ourselves away? How does our teaching enter us into the story of God’s redeeming purposes? (personally, in our family, in our work places, in our ‘down time’)
In teaching, we want our groups to be communities where those outside the church feel welcome.
  • Would you invite someone who was not a Christian to your group?
  • How might the language we use and the way we interact help or hinder someone new to the group?
In social times, we exist for more than ourselves.
  • Do our social times take to places where might interact with people outside the group?
  • Do our social times consist of conversations that help us find and express our roles in the body?
  • Would someone outside the group feel comfortable entering one of our gatherings?
  • How good of parties do we throw? 
In our service, more than a check off, more than a project, seeing the world as Christ does and meeting those needs.
  • How do we interact with those whom we serve? 
  • Do we pull out and equip each other to fulfill needs we see?
  • Do we feel guilty if we don’t have a designated activity?
  • How do we pick what service items we are involved with?
  • Are we around need enough to see it? (physical, spiritual, emotional
These are just a few more detailed questions to consider when continuing this conversation.
It is going to take more than the servant team to provide answers and move towards building missional communities. This gets back to helping each other work out our roles in the body of Christ.
I hope this is helpful. Its challenging to me!