Pot Luck with the same details! YUM 🙂 Child Care provided by Todd & Jacki St. John, Daniel Smith & Danielle Paxton (Christy Gould as back up)5:30-6PM Planning for the next two months of your home group. *We are going to stop our what ever we are doing at 5:30 to provide time for this*


From 4PM-5:30 we are going to have a mixture of teaching, sharing, discussion and prayer to help us work through the concepts your home groups have been asked to consider over the past month or so. Please arrive on time as we are going to start at 4PM. *Please communicate the importance of arriving on time to others who you have spread the word to about this gathering.* 

Some of the groups have worked hard to put together thoughtful and creative ways of expressing “missional community” and am looking forward to hearing from you all; however, others have struggled with this aspect. 

We are still going to have time for you to share what you have come up with, but are not expecting every group to have something prepared. The most important part of what we have asked for, is that each group wrestles together with what it means to be “missional”. Through the course of watching the video, reading articles, having discussions, and considering the practical implications of becoming a missional community you probably have had questions come up. We sure have! 

Please write down and bring any specific questions, general themes or tensions that you may be facing. We will have an opportunity for open discussion about these ideas during our gathering.