On Sunday, March 9 from 4-6PM with a potluck meal to follow we will be having our second bi-monthly Leadership Development gathering.

I am looking forward to another opportunity to come together and as we continue to become learners, lovers, and givers.   This meeting will be specifically focused on joining with God’s redemptive character.

Specifically here is what you can expect:

4:00-4:30 Reflection and Planing for your home group.

The goal of this time is to save you from having separate meeting to plan outside of these leadership development gatherings. We have provided some guiding questions to help you move through your plans together. By including this time in each of the meetings you should have an expected opportunity to refocus, share ideas, and plan in two month increments.

4:30-5:00 Missional Expressions– we hear from you

During this time each group will have 5 minutes to discuss, display or perform an expression of what being a “missional community” means. We have provided a video and article to help spur on and focus this discussion for your group. We hope that this activity provides an opportunity for you and your group to wrestle with and communicate about these concepts and actions together.

We are in no way looking for perfect expressions, but for sincere questions and realizations that have come about through considering what it means to follow Jesus.

5:00-5:10 BREAK

5:10-5:40 Teaching

Corey will be sharing with us some directed thoughts on God’s redeeming character, our lives as an expression of His character, and provide some practical implications for following Jesus as we become learners, lovers, and givers in the rhythm of our home groups.

5:40-6:00 Prayer

In response to God redeeming our lives, we get to offer his redemption to others. This time will be spent walking around outside and praying individually or with partners for the God’s redeeming work in our city.

Bring your warm clothes if its cold out.

    Details for the Potluck

We are asking you each to bring something. We have all of the paper products needed. Last time there were about 50 people eating. You don’t need to bring enough food for 50 people, but that should give you an idea of what to expect.

Please bring the following according to your last name:

Main Dish A-F
Side Dish G-M
Dessert N-S
Drink T-Z

    Child Care

We are also providing child care for the 4-6PM time slot. I have arranged for 4 parents to be rotating through as volunteers for child care; however I am still looking for 2-3 more volunteers. If anyone in your home group would be interested in helping out in that area please have them contact Traci.

The point of these meetings is to accomplish the following 6 things:

1. community building– bringing unity
2. sharing stories of what God is doing–becoming an incubator for new ideas
3. teaching on specific needs that arise
4. providing resources for spiritual/community formation– a starting place to encourage and develop current and future leaders
5. celebration/worship
6. planning/reflection by home grous for next two months

Thanks for all that you are and are becoming.