Thanks for everyone who came to the first leadership development night. We had a great time, and started a good foundation for the future growth together.

For those of you who missed it, our theme was about expectations.

After talking with the servant teams over the last couple months, we are starting leadership development in order to

– empower, connect, and resource a disciple-making community toward the healing and transformation of our world.

We will meet every two months to empower leaders through specific teaching based on needs that arise, connect leaders together to build community across home groups and allow ideas to be shared, share stories of what God is doing and challenges we are facing, provide resources for spiritual and community formation, and harness the energy of the church toward God’s purposes together.

We want to see a community of leaders that disciples each other and those God brings into our midst in the future.

Each meeting will include 6 elements:
1. community building
2. sharing stories of what God is doing
3. teaching on specific needs that arise
4. providing resources for spiritual/community formation
5. celebration/worship
6. planning/reflection by home grous for next two months

Thanks to Kendall for making some sweet chilli and for everyone who brought food and helped set up and clean up. It was a lot of fun.